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Design Is Not How It Looks, It’s How It Works!

I am used to hearing this quote from many design founders but never really understood it real meaning of it until I made the mistake myself. Well, mistakes (with ‘s’) I should say, quite a big ones, though. Begin a designer, I get carried away with designs... read more

End of an Era. Engadget, Get well soon!

AOL Tech has recently redesigned the popular Technology blog ‘Engadget‘. People are seriously not happy with this design update, the community is seriously pissed about it and no word from the officials yet. What really happened to Engadget Engadget has... read more

Here’s to the life & some new experiences!

I have been delaying this for a long time but now, I finally took the plunge and decided to start a blog. I always have a lot to say on things and whenever I get a chance to express my thoughts / views, I feel a great sense of clarity. I am always curious about... read more


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