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Top WordPress Plugins for Adding Structured Data

Question I have received some great feedback on my last post, Harsh Agrawal commented on the post asking for a recommendation for a plugin for adding structured data. There are tons of plugins available but I really wish there was a perfect plugin that I swear upon,... read more

Structured Data for E-commerce and its effects on SEO

Google’s Structured data, formerly known as rich snippets is crucial for an E-commerce website, why? because you can display the product details directly in the search results. The only asset you have as an e-commerce store are products listed on the site and if... read more

How to add Structured Data for Local Business

First of all, I should mention that this is a follow-up post to Fully Utilize Structured Data To Enhance Your Business. I must thank Sallie Goetsch for her honest feedback on my last post. She made a valid point that the post was not complete because I talked a lot... read more

Fully Utilize Structured Data To Enhance Your Business

What is Structured Data and Why is it so important? Structured data is a special markup for Search engines which will help them understand the data and display it in a more user-friendly manner to the end user. Structured data uses the Schema.org data vocabulary... read more

How to Add Google Structured Data in WordPress Theme

Google structured data is a must for every¬†website and blog but a lot of people still don’t have this schema¬†markup integrated into their website. It is absolutely¬†critical for the SEO of your website and it is very simple once you understand it. In this... read more


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